Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs Commission

Corporate affairs issues just got easier with Dachster. Have your name search done within 24hours, and complete registration of company and business name within 5 working days


* Registration of company


Nature of business

Objectives of company

Names, residential address of directors, email, phone number (should be at least 2 directors above the age of 18)

Names, address of shareholders

Company registered address, email and phone number

Scanned ID card of directors, secretary and shareholders

Name, address, email and phone number of secretary

What is the share capital?

Share structure of allotted shares (what is allotted to each Shareholder)



*Registration of Business name


Business address

Name of proprietor


Phone Number


Means of Identification

Passport Photograph

Nature of business



*Registration of Incorporated Trustee


Name of trustee, phone number, email address and residential address, occupation

Means of identification


Registered office address

Name of secretary, address, email, phone number

Minutes of meeting where trustee was appointed


News paper publication


* Post – incorporation issues

Change of company address

Increase in share capital


Change of trustees


*Procurement of Tax Identification Number (TIN)

At Dachster we assist you all the way to a smooth kick off of your newly incorporated company by helping you obtain your tax identification number which is an essential for opening a corporate account.