Legal Services

* Drafting of legal documents and agreements

At Dachster, we ensure that we look into the terms of agreement ensuring that our clients are well protected against any future eventualities. A lot of people try to use their experience and adopt/ re-use past agreement: No two arrangements are the same. It is far cheaper to get a lawyer to look into your documents at the beginning than to pay for litigation when the unfortunate arises. Do Not Sign Any Agreement Without Running It Through Your Lawyers.


* Arbitration and Mediation services (Alternative Dispute Resolution – ADR)

Arbitration is the new dispute resolution. Why go to court and spend years of litigation and probably spoil your business relationship with partners when you can amicably resolve issues. At Dachster, we have certified arbitrators who can help resolve issues at a targeted time frame, less paper works, away from the public glare and still ensure that cordial relationship is maintained between the parties.


* Representation in the court of law

At Dachster we represent our client professionally. Whether it’s a matrimonial case or a land matter or civil matter, Dachster has you covered. We carry you alone sending briefs of each court session within 48 hours, thereby keeping you abreast with your matter.


* Company Secretary Services

A company secretary is responsible for the efficient administration of a company particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented. Dachster Consulting have certified secretaries grounded in corporate governance and administration ensuring that the board has all of the assistance it needs:

  • Sending of notice for meeting
  • Taking minutes at the meeting
  • Ensuring that all statutory requirements are followed
  • Acting as advisor to the board
  • Sending of the minutes and circular to members of the board after the meeting among others


* Transcription (making minutes from recording)

Minute is a very vital part of every meeting as every detail and action to be taken must be well stated for reference purpose. At Dachster, we ensure that no vital information is left out as we know the importance of detailing. Even if we are not there with you at the meeting, a recording can be sent to us and minutes generated.

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